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Ultimate Trumps is a game of many benefits ranging from just a basic Trump game to a world of learning! Everyone will be able to learn something new even without playing the game. Real topics with real facts is what Ultimate Trumps prides its self upon. With the unique QR code you can discover so much more fact!

Fun for all the family

Fun for all the Family

Ultimate Trumps is a game that the whole family can enjoy and learn something new everytime. With educational and intelligent topics even the smartest family member will discover a new fact.

Ultimate Trumps is a game that is fun regardless of age. With topics ranging from the natural world to the all things man-made, everyone in the family will find something to enjoy.

Try testing each other with statistics and see who has the best memory!

An Educational Tool

An Educational Tool

Ultimate Trumps can easily be used alongside the school curriculum or to help with a school project.

Ultimate Trumps is an intelligent and fun way to learn and remember information so you can dazzle your teachers or friends with a mountain of facts. With real and factual statistics your knowledge will grow and grow.

Just think, a game that can open up a whole world just over the horizon! The future is bright with Ultimate Trumps!

Play and Learn

Play and Learn

We all know that when we play a game we learn something new. Sometimes the thing that we learn has little meaning but with Trumps from Ultimate Trumps, what you learn can help you succeed at school.

Educational and factual topics mean that what you learn has a meaning and may aid you in exams and even quizzes! Playing a popular game of trumps can take you on a journey of discovery and adventure and bring your inner child out!

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Ultimate Top Trumps is your one stop for all things Trump related. The biggest site of its kind on the web, Ultimate Trumps has to be your first port of call for all collectors and fans.

Ultimate Trumps also buys collections so if your thinking of selling, then get in contact with the team and see how they can help you make some extra money!

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