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Ultimate Top Trumps

Ultimate Top Trumps

Ultimate Top Trumps is your one stop for all things Trump related. The biggest site of its kind on the web, Ultimate Trumps has to be your first port of call for all collectors and fans.

Ultimate Trumps also buys collections so if your thinking of selling, then get in contact with the team and see how they can help you make some extra money!

About Us

I have been collecting Top Trumps since 2005 and am overwhelmed by the amount of different topics that have been covered over the years and in so many countries. When I first started to collect them I wanted to own at least 1 pack of every pack ever released. That dream was never going to happen as I have discovered over the years.

In 1977 I used a pack of Dubreq Top Trumps to help me with a school project. The pack was titled Planes from Series 1 and featured mainly commercial and passenger planes. In 1978 I did a project on the history of flight and again used the Planes pack but also the Military Planes from Series 1 and Fighters and Bombers from Series 2. Both projects I received A+. If I did not have those packs to help me then I would never have got A+ as book resources were few and far between and this was before the Internet.

Ultimate Trumps is dedicated to being 100% educational featuring intelligent and factual titles covering many topics.

Ultimate Trumps will never buy or sign up to any form of licensing which will bind us to a specific theme or future titles. All Ultimate Trump titles will fully researchable and contain information that we hope will lead to further research or discussion at home or indeed at school.

Ultimate Trumps is dedicated to using 100% recyclable materials and inks that are vegetable based. We want as little impact on our environment as possible.

We are a small company based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, England and we pride ourselves highly on the time and effort that is put into each pack.

Ultimate Trumps is working toward the original ideas of Trumps in that it should be an educational aid which today is enhanced many times over by the use of the Internet and of course our unique QR code which passes moves you from the physical to the virtual. Many people remember the original Top Trumps released by Dubreq (FXSchmid) during the mid 1970's and I remember myself on two occasions receiving A+ for 2 projects based around the Military Planes and Fighters and Bombers packs.

Nigel Hewett (CEO Ultimate Trumps)

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