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Älvsborg Bridge

Designed by Sven Olof Asplund and built in 1966, this six lane suspension bridge crosses the mouth of the Göta River joining north and south Gothenberg.

The cables bearing the weight of the central span have an outer diameter of 45mm. The pylons holding the cables are 107m tall, making them one of the tallest structures in Sweden.

Due to corrosion and stress of the 42,000m2 structure, damage to the bridge is a normal and expected process. This process was however occurring faster than predicted. According to Folke Fast, The Road Authorities in Gothenberg concluded that the accelerated damage was due to critical areas either not being properly galvanized or not treated at all.

In 1975, just 9 years after construction, the framework underwent a massive face lift. Repainting and correct treatment to all exposed areas was carried out at a cost of 4 million SEK (£300,000 in today's money).

In 1993 the bridge was repainted to celebrate the 1995 Athletics World Championships and it is said to have taken 36,000 litres of paint to do so!

In 2005, the bridge was in the worlds focus as it was the finish line for the 2005 - 2006 Volvo Ocean Race, the worlds premiere offshore race, an event that started in 1973 and won by New Zealand skipper Mike Sanderson.

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