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ANZAC Bridge

Spanning Johnstons Bay, the old Glebe Island Bridge was built as a wooden crossing in 1857 and in 1903 it was replaced with a steel bridge with an electrically operated swing span. December 1995 the new ANZAC Bridge opened at a cost of $170 million. It replaced the old Glebe Island Bridge, opened to traffic in 1861 it was one of the last remaining swing bridges in the world.

At the western end of the bridge a monument was erected upon which a plaque was mounted commemorating the opening of the old Glebe Bridge on Sunday 3rd 1903. In 1998 another plaque was set into the monument celebrating the renaming of the bridge, the Anzac Bridge. A 4 m high bronze statue of an Australian World War I Digger was placed above the monument on 25th April 2000.

ANZAC soldier statueCopyright: rorem

The Australian flag was flown above the eastern tower and the New Zealand flag was flown over the western tower. The ANZAC Bridge is the longest cable-stayed span bridge in Australia but many times smaller in the global picture.

The bridge deck was constructed in 10m concrete sections, each section weighted 460,000kg (460 tonnes).

The opening ceremony was finished with a charity walk with 65,000 participant, who each purchased tickets. The proceeds went to The Smith Family, an organisation that provides help and support for families in crisis and in financial difficulties.

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