Beipanjiang River BridgeCopyright: Glabb

Beipangjiang River Bridge

Also known as Beipan River Guanxing Highway Bridge, when it was opened it was the highest bridge in the world at 388m, becoming the second Chinese span bridge to claim this prestigious record. Today, it is dwarfed by much taller Chinese bridges such as the Duge Bridge which stands at 565m (1,854ft).

The bridge has been a major tourist attraction with the mesmerising views and the impressive sheer drop of 288m (945ft)! The bridge is also called the first '10 second bridge' because it takes 10 seconds for an object to splash into the river below.

The construction of this bridge was a highly dangerous process for the workers who constructed a flimsy footbridge to allow easy an speedy crossing.

Copyright: Glabb

The footbridge in the image above crosses the 198m drop and supported by 6 wire cables. This simple but effective bridge is another record holder setting the record for the highest catenary foot-bridge in the world.

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