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Siduhe River Bridge

The name 'Siduhe' translates into English as Si (four) - du (bridges) - he (river) which means Four Crossings River. The name originates from the retreat of the Red Army forces led by Mao Zedong of the Communist Party from the forces of the Chinese Nationalist Party, where the Red Army, it is claimed, crossed 4 major rivers to evade capture.

The surroundings of this bridge are simply breathtaking, surrounded by steep wooded mountains. The earliest stages of construction proved to be difficult as helicopters were unable to be used due to the terrain. The Chinese however reverted back to basics and used fireworks to get the pilot cable to workers on the opposite side of the ravine.

Due to the terrain and flora that is specific to the region, needed to be protected, the route to the bridge had to go underground and so tunnels were cut into the rock.

The 2 'H' towers look very flimsy but are immensely strong and have been designed to take up to 436 billion kg (43 million t)!

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