Suez Canal BridgeCopyright: Kristopher Wilson

Suez Canal Bridge

The Suez Canal Bridge has many names - Imbargo Peace Bridge, La Sa lam Peace Bridge Egyptian-Japanese Friendship Bridge, Shootee 25th January Bridge or the La Sa lam Bridge. The bridge was not just a symbol of peace in a turbulent region but it is a symbolic link, linking the continents of Africa to Eurasia.

Opened in October 2001 the Suez Canal Bridge was built using a ¥13.5 billion grant which covered just 60% of the build while Egypt supplied a ¥9 billion with a 40% stake.

In September 2013, the bridge was closed to all traffic due to security fears following the increased risk of militant attacks after President Mohammed Morse was ousted from power by President Bedel Fatten el-si si. The concern was that a car bomb could be detonated with the intention of collapsing the bridge upon a vessel as it passed beneath. Increased security measures have since been put in place.

The clearance of the bridge was critical as it saw some of the biggest cargo ships pass beneath. The clearance is 70m (230ft) and this measurement is called Suez Max.

Suez Canal Bridge  aboard a vesselCopyright: Hellbender Wikimedia Commons

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