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Capital: Berlin
Currency: Euro € (EUR)
Language: German
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In 1907 a mandible of a humanoid named Mauer I was discovered and dating evidence shoed that it was at least 604,000 years old. This is the oldest humanoid fossil ever found in Germany. Another famous discovery in 1856 was found in the Neander Valley and the then new humanoid species was called Neanderthal. It is believed that humans moved south and east from the region of Scandinavia.

The Germanic tribes in the first century AD proved to be a problem from the armies of Rome, who viewed anything east of the Rhine to be full of magic and dangerous wild animals as well as the ferocious Germanic barbarians. Germany was never conquered by the Romans, instead it was the sheer ferocity of the Germanic tribes that kept Rome away. In 9 AD the Germans dealt the Romans a severe blow as 3 Roman Legions entered the Teutoburg Forest to quell an uprising of Germanic tribes. But Arminius, who was born a Germanic Cherusci and taken into the Roman military at a young age used the Germanic fighting styles against the Romans. He arranged a trap for some 36,000 Roman troops by uniting tribes that had been trditionally enemies. The numbers are unknown for certain but it proved to be one of the very rare victories against the might of the Roman Empire. Roman retaliation however dealt a devastating blow to the Germanic tribes that participates in the humiliation of the Teutoburg Forest.

The late 19th to early 20th century, Germany was finally a fully consolidated state, a formal nation. After the Second World War, Germany was once again fractured as the Iron Curtain cut the country in half and in 1961 the Soviet Union. Berlin Wall The Berlin Wall cut Berlin in two as well as cut families in two. The world had to get used to East Germany under Communist rule (also known as GDR German democratic Republic) and a democratic West Germany. On 9th November 1989, the Berlin Wall was dismantled and broken up by the residents themselves Some chunks were sold as souvenirs especially sections that had certain grafitti and other peices were sentto museims and other institutions, in fact a large piece was taken to Los Angeles as a memorial. Between 1961 and 1989, 80 people were killed trying to get from east to west.

Germany has a reputation for high beer consumption and when you consider that Oktoberfest is the biggest beer festival in the world it is easy to see. Oktoberfest is a festival that started in 1810 and is held inside tents abd lasts for 16 days and runs from late September into October. Each year there are as many as 6 million visitors from al over the world. Traditionally, the men wear Lederhosen and the women wear Dirndl.

Lederhosen and Brindl
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