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Capital: Tripoli
Currency: Libyan dinar (LYD)
Language: Arabic
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Libya shows evidence of human activity and habitation for over 10,000 years. Most of Libya is sand and so it is no surprise that there are few cities and they are along the coast. Tripoli is the largest city and in fact 1 sixth of the population live there. The desert of Libya is said to be one of the most arid places on earth and sees rain just once in decades. Aziziya just 41 km (25 miles) south-west of Tripoli can boast holding the world record for the highest temperature ever recorded at 137°F (58.7℃) in 1922!. The person that took the reading was inexperienced and was eventually removed but on 13th September the temperature reached 134°F (56.7℃) making this the official world record.

Conflict has been a part of Libyan history for centuries and in 2011 the world saw the Muammar Gadaffi overthrown. Some argue that overthrowing Gadaffi was a bad thing for the people as any loans that were taken out were interest free and a loaf of bread cost jus $0.15. It was fact that he was a brutal dictator but since his death on 20th October 2011, Libya has bee caught up in a brutal civil war which was then used by the terror group ISIS or 'Daesh'. Since 2011 Muslim militants have gone on rampages on Allied war graves, kicking the headstones down and pulling down and destroying all and any symbols of faith.

Agriculture in Libya is done using a process called Centre Pivot Irrigation which is really the only way to farm in arid areas. The process is easily done as water is sprayed in a circular fashion making circles.

Centre Pivot Irrigation in LibyaCopyright: European Space Agency Flickr

The image above is taken from space and you can clearly see the dark irrigation rings within the sand. This site is the Al Jawf oasis in southeastern Libya.

Libya ought to be a prime tourist location but unrest deters even the bravest tourist. There are many ruins of ancient cultures that are truly spectacular even in the state of ruin, they must have been a huge impression on the landscape.

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