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Capital: Monaco
Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)
Language: French
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Monaco is the second smallest country, second only to Vatican City where only about a fifth of the total of the population was born in the country. Persons born in Monaco are known as Monegasques but foreigners living in the country are called Monacoian.

The one thing that Monaco can boast about is the incredible Formula 1 race each year that races around the narrow and twisty street course.

Monaco Circuit and stadiumCopyright: Mike Norton Wikimedia Commons

The race circuit has to be 'built' and then 'dismantled' every year, a process that takes around 6 weeks to set up and then a further 3 to revert back to normal. Formula 1 has been staged on Monaco every year since 1929. Another prestigious motor race that takes place in the country is the Monte Carlo Rally which had been staged there since 1911.

The flag is the same as Indonesia except that it is not as wide. The colours are the heraldic colours of the Grimaldi House. The Grimaldi's have been the ruling family of Monaco since 1297 and in 1419 the family purchased Monaco from the Crown of Aragon. In 1861 the principality stopped asking for tax, due to the successes of the casino. Since then Monaco has been seen as a tax haven.

Due to the density of the population and the size of the country there have been moves to reclaim land from the Mediterranean. A project that was completed in 2014 reclaimed 12.5 acres and cost an estimated €11 billion!

Although Monaco is on the Mediterranean coast, the average temperatures are quite pleasant with an average high of 65°F (18.5℃) and an average low of 58°F (14.5℃).

Monaco boasts a very good economy and has the most millionaires and billionaires than any other country. Monaco has t he most expensive real estate in the world at over $58,000 per square metre! Monaco's currency is the same as France, with whom they have a customs union and in fact now that Europe has its own currency, the Euro, Monaco are allowed to mint their own Euro's

Monegesque EuroCopyright: luxeurocoins Flickr

with the Monegasque designs. Links are so close to France that militarily, Monaco relies purely upon the French as Monaco has no armed forces whatsoever.

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