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The Afghan Hound is said to be the oldest of all domestic dog breeds. Its origins can be traced back to around 4,000 BC! A name that is linked to the breed that was common around the desert regions was Tazi.

A native to Afghanistan, the Afghan was used to hunt small game such as Deer, Goats, Wild Boar and Gazelle and was more than capable to see off predators such as Wolves and even the Snow Leopard! The ability to see off predators led to the Afghan being used to protect herds of livestock.

The one characteristic of the Afghan is the long and fine coat and this needs constant grooming.

In 2005, a Korean scientist announced to the world that he had successfully cloned an Afghan, naming it Snuppy. The scientist was dismissed from his position accused of misleading information. Snuppy, however, was a clone and was the first ever cloned dog.

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