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Airedale Terrier

Developed a hundred years ago, the Airedale is the largest of all terriers and like its smaller cousins was used to hunt vermin and is often called 'The King of the Terriers'. The breed was the result of cross-breeding a Welsh Terrier and an Otterhound and has sometimes been called a Waterhound as it was first set to hunt Otters. In the USA the Airedale is often caller 'Oorang'. the name of the Ohio kennels in the early 1900's.

As well as being a hunter of vermin, the Airedale was also used to hunt bigger game in India, Africa and Canada.

The Airedale is a very talented dog, skilled at tracking and guarding it was even used as a guard dog during World War 2 and a police dog.

The Airedales 'square' head is an easily recognisable feature of the breed. As with other Terriers, the Airedale has a coarse coat with a waterproof undercoat.

Laddie Boy, the pet to US President Warren G. Harding is possibly the most famous of Airedales. Pennies collected by newsboys were melted down to create a sculpture which now resides in the Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC. Laddie Boy was also the first ever dog to be regularly covered in the national press, he even had his own personal butler!

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