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Japanese Akita Inu

The Akita Inu is a native on the island of Honshu in the Akita region of Japan, where there has been no change for centuries. It is considered sacred and brings good luck and is in fact a good luck charm in Japan.

The Akits Inun is a fearless breed and has been used for many roles such as a military dog, guard dog, fighting dog, hunting bear and deer and has even been used as a sled dog, as with the Siberian Husky its thick coat allows it to work in very cold conditions.

After World War II, many US servicemen took Akitas home with them to US and called them American standard Akita. Both the Akita Inu (Japanese) and the American Akita are classed as the same breed but with some differences. The American Akita is the more common.

In 1925 in Japan and Akita named Hachikō followed his master to the train station and saw him off to work and then went home. In the evening he went back and waited and came back home with his owner. One day, 25th 1925, Hachikō went to the station and waited. During the day his owner suffered a fatal brain haemorrhage but Hachikō continued to wait. Hachikō did this for 9 years. In 1934 Hachikō died and a statue in bronze was erected in his honour. This story proves the loyalty of the breed if trained and treated well.

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