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Around 1,000 years ago, monks in St. Hubert in Belgium, took in hounds from France and perfected the breed and then sent several pairs of black hounds to the King of France.

The Bloodhound is pure and simple a scent specialist, able to track a scent over great distances even through water. Originally bred to hunt deer and wild boar it was also used to track humans during the Medieval period and was called a 'limer' or 'lyam-hound'. Today, the Bloodhound is still employed to track people and is used specifically by the police to track escaped prisoners and find missing persons and even pets.

The keen sense of smell can cause some issues in regards to training as their keen sense of smell distracts them easily. Their noses can lead t hem to unsuitable behaviour as they have a tendency to sniff people in private regions. The Bloodhound quickly senses if you are a strong leader and will take full advantage if you are not.

One thing that Bloodhounds are well known for is the drooling when they sleep as well as the snoring!

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