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Border Collie

Originally named 'Scotch Sheep Dog' the Border Collie originated in the Northumberland region along the Scottish/English border and is extremely intelligent and is able to be trained to a very high level.

It is believed that the Border Collie arrived in the UK after coming with the Vikings, who in their homeland used them to herd Reindeer. As herders, the Border Collie is the master as it crouches low, studies the herd and is said to be able to 'hypnotise' cattle with its intense stare.

The special abilities of the Border Collie has seen them being used as a guide dog and in the Netherlands it is used to help the physically handicapped with very good results.

Also known simply as 'collie' or 'colley' it is thought that this name refers to the Celtic word for 'useful'.

Because of their intelligence, herding skills and agility, Border Collies are excellent at sports and some competitions for are simply known as ABC 'All But Collies'.

As pets, the Border Collie is a very gentle and active dog that thrives on praise for any task. When Collies are not set tasks or challenges on a regular basis they can take things into their own hands (or paws) and this can lead t hem to being destructive. Collies need to be physically tired and then they make happy and content pets.

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