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The Pug is one of the oldest breeds known and is believed to have originated around 400 BC, but from which breeds it descended from is a topic of hot debate.

Pugs have been popular with aristocracy since the 16th century where there is firmer evidence. The Imperial Court of the Song dynasty favoured them and in Europe, the Pug became the official dog of the House of Orange and in 1572 after a Pug named Pompey saved the Prince of Orange's life from an assassin.

Napoleon's wife Josephine had a Pug named Fortune and it is said that Napoleon refused to have the Pug in the same bed at night, but Josephine gave him an ultimatum, that if the Pug had to go then so would she!

Pugs are susceptible to generic brain disorders such as necrotizing meningoencephalitis (NME), also known as pug dog encephalitis (PDE) which is inflammation of the brain and meninges.

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