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The Weimaraner was originally bred as a hunter of big game such as boar, deer, bear and even wolves specifically for the aristocracy in Germany.

The breed standard colour is various shades of grey to silver. The coat is very short in general although there is a breed that has longer hair that is common in Germany and can grow about 5cm, and is called the Long-horned Weimaraner. The combination of its coat and eyes as well as its impressive size gives the breed an air of regality.

Blue Weimaraners are looked upon as being defective and as such are not recognised by any major dog associations, although the gene that allows this is the dominant gene for the breed. Weimaraners have a nickname - 'The Grey Ghost' because of the distinctive colour.

Weimaraners are susceptible to certain behavioural disorders linked to depression, panic and can cause harm to themselves and property. This behaviour is termed 'separation anxiety' that can arise from being left alone.

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