Yorkshire Terrier
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Yorkshire Terrier

Often called 'Yorkie', the Yorkshire Terrier is one of the smallest Terriers and was bred to catch rats in the clothing mills and mines of the 19th century. It is known that the breed sprang from cross-breeding a Paisley Terrier and a Skye Terrier and in some circles it is said that a Maltese Terrier was also used.

Since it was developed, the 'Yorkie' has become smaller and smaller, the smallest of the breed being bred and this has resulted in more of a fashion accessory, small enough to be carried under the arm or even inside handbags! The practice of breeding small 'Yorkies' is a practice that is frowned upon be reputable breeders and kennels. The result is very small dogs and this has earned a name - 'Teacup'. The term' Teacup' is used for dogs that weight less than 1.8kg (less than 4 lbs) when fully grown! Females that are too small often need a caesarian section and this leads to a high mortality rate.

'Yorkies' are very energetic, brave and intelligent, always looking for the next adventure and trained properly, can prove to be a loyal and loving companion.

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