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Ultimate Top Trumps

Ultimate Top Trumps

Ultimate Top Trumps is your one stop for all things Trump related. The biggest site of its kind on the web, Ultimate Trumps has to be your first port of call for all collectors and fans.

Ultimate Trumps also buys collections so if your thinking of selling, then get in contact with the team and see how they can help you make some extra money!

The History of Ultimate Trumps

The game of Trumps has been played since the 1970's in England and the subject matter has always been an important part of the game. As a child I remembered playing with packs like Tanks, Planes and Sports Cars. This trend continued into the early 1990's and in 1999 Winning Moves took over the brand of Top Trumps.

From 2005 I have been collecting Top Trumps and in 2008 I decided that I would try and create my own and start a new brand - Ultimate Trumps.

The first pack was Countries of the World (2009). In 2013 we released the Ultimate Battles pack which at the time proved popular. A number of flaws came to light and the pack was for a time withdrew. The learning curve was steep but important and many lessons were learnt.

Today, we have 3 wonderful packs available - Countries of the World, Dogs and Bridges. The aim for Ultimate Trumps was to focus on the fact and to make the game intelligent where everyone can learn something but with the card size there was little room for extra information. The QR code had corrected this issue which also allows us to edit the information quickly and easily as and when facts have for whatever reason changed, for example the highest bridge or the fastest train etc.

Ultimate Trumps is a unique brand that specialises in bringing not just the comon pack themes like Cars, Planes and Trains but also packs based around historical events, the natural world, wildlife, in fact anything that has factual statistics, Ultimate Trumps will create as a pack, packed full of fact to stimulate you intellectually.

Because Ultimate Trumps is a game we encourage players to play outside the rules for example play the lowest wins and this then adds a new twist. Ultimate Trumps is progressively looking at incorporating some of the various types of gameplay that we saw during the 1970's and 1980's. Why should a card game that has the ability to cross the boundaries of the physical be restricted to just cards? Why can the cards not be played with a board and die?

Ultimate Trumps is dedicated to this historical card game and we want to bring back the originality so that new players can relive the fun many of kids in the '70's had playing the game at school during breaks or really any available time we had. One aspect I personally remember at school was a very extreme version where the winner got to keep the pack! Now thats true hardcore Trumping!

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